Request Objects

Request objects7-01

Here is an example of what we do.

Here is an example of a PowerPoint & what we can do with it.
Learning object made from said powerpoint

nervous system.png

Library Resource

Another example would the be the object/game that we made for the library.

library detective

Princes Trust

Powerpoint                                                                                  Learning Object

 Unit Link
 Team work Here teamwork.png
 Career  Here  career planning.png
 Community Project  Here  community project.png
 Supporting Others  Here  supporting others.png
 Presentation Skills  Here  Presentation Skills.png

Contact Vincent Doherty or Martin Peoples if you would like us to discuss the development of resources.

Martin Peoples Vincent Doherty
Head of TELS Learning Content Developer
Ext 6590 Ext 6141
RoomD1.152 Room D1.152


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