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 Studystack logoWhat is Studystack?
StudyStack is an online flashcard generator which can be used as a study method to help memorise information. For each set of flashcards entered, the StudyStack website generates over a dozen ways for users to study the information they need to learn. The variety of study activities enables users to memorise data quickly without getting bored from using a single method of study. Studystack enables teacher to either existing studystacks or quickly enter data once and have a dozen different activities created for their students to memorize facts. Studystack has also developed an app for use on tablets and smartphones. Studystack has the added of advantage of adding additional columns and it not limited to a 2 sides for each item. eg. Name / Definition / Example.

Examples of What to Use Studystack For

  • Provides students with a useful revision technique in preparation for exams
  • Can be used to introduce, study and reinforce vocabulary / definitions
  • Can be used as a knowledge check at the end of a topic / activity
  • More HERE

How Do I StudyStack2Get It?

Go to Create yourself an account. StudyStack is funded primarily by advertisements so that it is free for everyone to use. But if you’d like to directly support StudyStack and not see ads you can pay to be a PRO user. The basic PRO account is $10 per year or $1.50 per month. There is also a “PRO Teacher” plan that you can use to remove ads for you and your students. The PRO Teacher account costs $20 per year.

Who’s Uses Studystack?

Martina Donald (Science) – “I use Studystack as a fun method to introduce, study and reinforce scientific concepts. I use it to generate homework exercises which help students prepare for online quizzes / tests in Moodle.

Help on Studystack here.

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